“Catherine has that rare quality of combining the strategic with the highly actionable...her wide ranging experience at senior leadership level means that HR is not seen as a separate tool to leverage individual factors like retention or talent, but really is an integrated force to drive dynamic cultural change and efficient work throughout the company. I particularly value her innovative and fresh thinking attitude to capability building, where her grasp of both the big picture and the detail has enabled her to make a unique contribution to my thinking and approach"

Kathryn Davies, Senior leader, Procter & Gamble


“Catherine has always been extremely customer, colleague and business focused. She has strong leadership and change management skills which have left a legacy and improved individual and organisational capacity within the business.”

Judith Nelson, Senior leader, Tesco PLC


“Catherine has demonstrated great commitment and passion in her work with the NSPCC. Catherine is highly competent in her role as a leader in developing teams, taking organisations through major change and as an executive coach and mentor for senior executives. She is also an ambassador for young people, having led graduate programmes that have guided and nurtured young people on the start of their journey in work, and an accomplished strategist in both disciplines of marketing and HR.”

Alison Jeremy, Board of NSPCC


“Catherine has provided a constant support throughout the development of the Global Management programme – Tesco’s headline development programme for high potential young people from around the world. From being a source of advice and consultation during the design process to being a committed member of the assessment panel; Catherine has most recently delivered an innovative and inspiring leadership session to the new delegates. She consistently demonstrates determination to provide the very best for young people and in doing so creates opportunities for them to learn and grow into the best leaders in the future.”

Paul Hillan, Group Head of Talent, Tesco PLC


“Catherine has demonstrated real passion for young people and has helped them over many years through her seminars and lectures. She has proved to be an invaluable resource to the Master’s in Management students at the LSE. Catherine has inspired the students with her experience, energy and commitment. She has helped students make the most of their time in LSE, provided insightful and practical advice on finding the careers of their choice, and contributed to the development of the professional skills required for a successful career.”

Emma Soane, Professor of Studies at London School of Economics


“Catherine has been closely involved with the induction and professional skills development programmes on our full-time Masters in Management (MiM) course right from its inception. We really value the wealth of real-world nous she adds to the programme, gained from her years of professional experience. The students really appreciate her thoughtful insights and clear advice, and the depth and breadth of her professional experience, gained at world-class companies, gives her great credibility in the classroom.”

Dr Brittany Jones, Director of Studies, Department of Management at London School of Economics


“Catherine has a fantastic way of quickly building trust. She has this unique ability of reading a situation, knowing when to keep challenging and push further. Catherine has really helped me to get clarity on my career path and given me the courage to share my aspiration with the right people in the organisation. I feel much better positioned now both on a professional and on a personal level; how exciting considering we are only half way through my coaching engagement. Catherine is a great coach and person and I look forward to continuing to work with her and to conquer the next milestones.”

Coaching Client, October 2013


“Catherine has been a great help as we reshape our organisation and people processes. Her experience and knowledge are clearly strong but it is her ability to apply them practically to the messy reality of our business that sets her apart. In my experience the ability to be real, although it sounds crazy, is a real asset compared to others who just try to be too clever and use jargon and are virtually incomprehensible. I think this is Catherine's strength.”

Strategy Director, International retailer


“Meeting Catherine was like a breath of fresh air. Within minutes of talking to her she had a very good understanding of the issues that our charity were facing and she helped me reflect and understand our position very well. Catherine was very professional, constructive and supportive throughout her project of undertaking an organisational review for us. She managed a whole range of diverse feedback from staff, volunteers and trustees in a very well thought through manner and provided us with a tangible actionable report. We would like to pass on our considerable appreciation to Catherine and would highly recommend her helpful approach and action orientated review to other organisations. Catherine’s help has been very valuable to me and to Home-Start Welwyn Hatfield.”

Chairman, Home-Start Welwyn Hatfield


“In March 2015, Catherine was the DCMS Independent panel member for the recruitment of Trustees to the Board of the Geffrye Museum. As Chair of the Museum, it was important for me that the Independent Panel member understood the requirements of the Geffrye and approached the process with a disinterested eye and a rigorous attitude. I am delighted to say that Catherine was one of the most accomplished Independent panellists I have come across. She not only discharged her duties with skill and professionalism but brought to the discussions real insight and understanding of people’s motivations. Catherine's observations were extremely helpful - thoughtful, perceptive and constructive. As Chair, Catherine’s perceptiveness was of immense value in assessing and evaluating candidates for Trusteeship.”

Samir Shah, Chair, The Geffrye Museum


“This report is clear, cogent, and so revealing about an institution that is both a 'snake pit' and a backward looking bed chamber. The author's insights, based on her thorough investigation, will prove invaluable for any reform the Service will undertake. Exemplary work.”

Cristina Odone, Journalist and Commentator


“A thoroughly professional demonstration of the calibre of your research, your interviewing skills, your ability to organise huge amounts of material and to come up with soundly based answers. It's a model of how to deal with structure (logically, progressively) and how to speak out at the highest level, with great clarity.”

Dr Jane Taylor, Lecturer and Author


“Catherine Baxendale’s report really resonates as someone who left the civil service – and then returned as an “external hire”. I was always amazed by the lack of interest among my civil service colleagues in anything I might have learnt in my 6 years in the private sector. And even though I was only away for 6 years, no one explained any of the changes in career management that had taken place while I was away (to this day I remain unclear how people are nominated to the High Potential Development Scheme for instance). As her report makes clear, the civil service needs to do more to get the most out of people it recruits in from outside – to their benefit – but also to the benefit of the civil service and the ministers and public it serves.”

Jill Rutter, former senior civil servant, Programme Director, Institute for Government


“Catherine was a pleasure to work with. Her personable yet challenging facilitation style helped us to define and deliver a Customer First programme that encouraged the senior leadership team to take a different approach to getting under the skin of the issues faced.”

Francesca Cottrell, HR Business Partner, Jaguar Land Rover


“I found the sessions with Catherine to be enormously helpful. They helped me appreciate how far I’ve come in my professional life, question some preconceptions about my abilities and define a clear future direction for me that I feel really comfortable with. I particularly liked that Catherine considers professional and personal life to be equally important in deciding the next step. It was very challenging at times but well worth it.”

Coaching Client, Senior Executive, NSPCC


“Thank you so much for your time today, the students are genuinely buzzing and enthusiastic.”

Feedback From Teacher, March 2016


“Coaching with Catherine has been like switching on a light; suddenly things are seeming much clearer and I feel empowered to act.”

Coaching Client, March 2016


“The time I spent with Catherine has had an incredibly positive effect, on my self-awareness, my confidence and my focus. With Catherine's thoughtful, carefully structured approach to coaching, I learned a great deal about myself in a very short space of time. I've also been able, with Catherine's support, to turn this learning into tangible action, which has felt incredibly empowering. Catherine is exceptionally insightful and provides both healthy challenge and expert support. I feel as though she shone a light on some of the issues and problems I've been experiencing and helped me to work through some pretty knotty challenges. I'd recommend an hour with Catherine over weeks spent on other things.”

Helena, Associate Director, NSPCC


“I worked with Catherine on the launch of a major new security technology brand. She’s a communications tour de force, with an eye for detail. Catherine brings much needed clarity and vision in an all too cluttered world.”

Ardy Danielewiczr, M&C Saatchi


“Catherine has worked with us to shape and create a unique course that rather than follow a traditional teaching method, created a space to discuss/debate and shape the future leadership style and behaviours of our markets business.

Catherine’s experience across industry and the public sector gives her a broad perspective that helped us truly challenge our leaders with their own perceptions as to what good leadership looks like.

Feedback from the programme has been overwhelmingly positive and we are starting to see a shift in the perceived strength of our leaders through our colleague engagement surveys.

So much is the success of the programme we have expanded the original offer to include more of our leaders.”

David Marsden, HR, Lloyds Banking Group


“The First 100 days Coaching programme with Catherine has been enlightening and empowering, alongside being very practical. As well as taking the time to understand my own motivations, style and operational impact I’ve been able to step back and look over the longer term as to what I want to achieve and how I can learn and grow. Catherine is a supportive but challenging coach which is a great combination in really developing as a leader.”

Ali Jeremy, Communications Director, NSPCC


“Catherine’s First 100 Days CEO coaching programme is an outstanding tool. It gave me the opportunity to plan my first 100 days meaning that I thought through my priorities and delivered to my objectives. The “30 day and 60 day” reviews meant that I stayed on course and was prepared to address the known and unknown challenges as they emerged. I could not recommend this highly enough to anyone stepping up to become a CEO.”

Baroness Philippa Stroud, CEO, Legatum Institute


“Catherine is terrific at facilitating really honest and important conversations – both in teams and with yourself! She quickly grasps what the key issues are, and has a great knack of clearly, nicely but very firmly getting you towards decisions and plans. Her own experience in business is a real asset, as she deeply understands what will be really valuable and effective”

Rita Clifton CBE


“The First 100 days coaching offers the opportunity for reflection and focus on what is really important. It offers invaluable time to ask the tough questions and consider what is working and what isn’t, to focus on where I need to lead (and where I remain in ‘operator’ mode) and to remember the mission and goals – as too often we get side-tracked. It has helped me to accelerate the decision making process and concentrate on the tough choices needed to do my job as a leader, and really understand the areas where I need support, in order to create the right foundations for this first twelve months.”


Examples of participant feedback from Leadership Development Programme run at Lloyds Bank 2016-2017:

“Catherine brings excellent energy and direction to our leadership programmes. Catherine brings new topics, discussion points, learnings and relevant examples to all our sessions which have really helped me.”

“Catherine brings fantastic enthusiasm, examples, tools, and analogies for us to draw on.”

“Catherine brings great value by explaining concepts clearly and creating a friendly atmosphere which facilitates the sharing of personal information.”

“Catherine has a wealth of experience and knowledge, delivered in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere, which made everybody feel as ease. An excellent programme leader and facilitator.”


In January 2017 as a guest speaker for the Masters in Management course at the LSE I received the following feedback from the students:

“The talk was given in such an interactive way that encouraged me to get involved and share my ideas with classmates. Really inspiring.”

From the Assistant Professor, Department of Management, London School of Economics :

“Catherine's expertise in creating an open forum for students to discuss talent generated thoughtful debate. Her skilful inclusion of numerous students in the discussion ensured that there was a high level of engagement. Catherine's use of reflective questions encouraged students to challenge their own perspectives on talent, and to come away with new ideas that can be applied to their professional development.”


“I just wanted to let you know that it was great to meet you and we really appreciated you coming into Harlington Upper. We are really thankful that you were able to engage and inspire our students.”

Paul Jones, Subject Leader


“The professional coaching I have received from Catherine has been nothing short of game-changing for me.

I have improved beyond measure as leader and a worker, and the ripple effects have strengthened me as a husband and a dad.

Catherine’s blend of experiential knowledge alongside ability to see the bigger forces at play in any given situation, have enabled me to truly step back from the busyness of a CEO role, and choose the key courses of action and indeed inaction to drive performance.

She has led me to be actively reflective and so much more strategic.

The results on our organisation have been significant - with enhanced impact and results across all areas of operation as a result.

I have, in short, become a better leader and those under my watch are undergoing the same. True, sustainable, strengthening.”

Andy Cook, CEO, Centre for Social Justice


CEO Coaching client – July 2017

“Working with Catherine has been a total delight. Regular meetings have kept my perspective objective, my approach focused and me sensitive to the changing needs of my team. I cannot recommend her more highly.”


Executive Coaching Client – Aug 2017

“The coaching I have received has been positively transformative both professionally and personally. Catherine has a very natural style, she quickly established a trusting relationship and utilised her vast coaching experience to enable me to better understand myself and others. It has been a unique journey during which I have been challenged to think differently and have gained a great deal of insight into where I can and should develop so that I can be the best I can be professionally and personally.”


“I have loved the time, space and opportunity in a safe environment to reflect and to take the time to think where I am, how I got there and where I want to go.

If I think where I would be in 10 years without having done this – I would have been on a path I am fundamentally not comfortable with.

The coaching has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and enabled me to consider my path in life and align with a track I feel comfortable with and that (hopefully) goes where I want to, but even if it doesn’t, I am now prepared.

The coaching has been immensely valuable and Catherine has expertly facilitated and managed the progress at all stages. Could I ask for anything more? I don’t think so.

It has gone beyond my expectations and all the information and insights are going to stay with me for a long time. Fundamentally, I feel that the coaching I have received has been vital and comes at a real pivot point for me, and I have taken full advantage of it to really think about my next best steps.

Looking back, no other opportunity have I ever extracted everything I could have and then some, but I certainly have over the course of this coaching and that is down to skilled facilitation. Amazing! I am a very happy customer.”

Jeremey Shipp, Deputy Director, Global Market Development, LSE Enterprise


“Catherine offered our students interesting and practical insights into the power of organisational culture. She facilitated a thought-provoking discussion around how culture plays a key role in organisational success.”

Dr Rebecca Newton, Department of Management at London School of Economics


“Catherine engaged from the start. Speaking from experience, she established a conversation with the students to explore how to develop the skills and aptitudes for career development. As a natural public speaker, she was able to communicate at a level that students found comfortable whilst also challenging them to reflect about career prospects.”

Ian Nicholls, Mark Rutherford School, Bedford



Feedback from school: “Confidence and authority of the speaker enabled engagement. Catherine interacted with students and involved them, thus facilitating a two way exchange. Pertinent and helpful advice was provided.”

Feedback from students: “Best talk so far.” “A really clever person.” “Helpful.” “Motivating.”